Are you a Descendant of Alderman John Norman?

Under the terms of Alderman Norman's Will and its subsequent schemes, which can be viewed on the Our History page, funds are available for 'those in need' to assist with the cost of educating children / young people from the age of 4 through to University. To satisfy the 'those in need' criteria a parental income limit is applied by the Trustees.

For the Foundation's financial year ending 31st March 2025, the following apply:

Grants available

Age 4 £48
Age 5 £72
Age 6 £94
Age 7 £126
Ages 8 to 10 £147
Ages 11 to 14 £315
Ages 15 to 17 £367
Further Education £490
University £ 1,500
Work Based Learning - Year One £1,600
Work Based Learning - Year Two £1,500
Work Based Learning - Final Year £956

Parental income criteria which applies to the above grants

Family with one child £32,570
Family with two children £34,522
Family with three children £36,466
Family with four children £38,412
For each additional child add £1,950

The Trustees take into account the following when processing your application:

  • Parental income of parents or partners living in the household together with any state benefits.
  • Cost of mortgage/rent, council tax and water rates, ie the expenditure that is not determined by you.

Find the Registrar's details

To apply for an application form please send an email to in order that you can be contacted with regards your personnel contact details.

Alderman John Norman Claimants Unity

The Claimants Unity is a body of Descendants formed in the early 1800s to keep descendants informed about the Foundation and the decisions of the Trustees of the Foundation.

Things have advanced since then, the Unity today has a committee of elected members and through newsletters convey the decisions of the Trustees with regards grant and parental income levels. One descendant is appointed to the Board of Trustees, under the terms of the Will / Schemes, to convey the views of the Unity to the Trustees.

The Claimants Unity is a 'sounding board' for proposals that can be taken to the Trustees meetings during the year.

However, all queries regarding your application, should be addressed directly to the Clerk of the Trustees and not the Unity.

If you wish to contact the Claimants Unity the details are available on their website: